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Henry & Alma Fornah - Church Planting Ministry - Sierra Leone

Henry & Alma Fornah

Church Planting - Sierra Leone

Henry Fornah heads up the Grace Evangelical Ministry (GEM). Henry is married to Alma and they have 3 grown children. Sierra Leone is a very poor country, mostly Muslim, and many people are subsistent farmers with few jobs and no industry. GEM has planted 7 churches near Freetown. Bethel members help with student scholarships. A portion of the ALL-IN funds raised from Bethel have been used to build a multi-use building to house a church and school that opened in September of 2018.

The Fostering Collective

Foster Care Ministry- Tyler, TX

The Fostering Collective is a faith-based community bringing hope to children in foster care by providing support, resources, and encouragement to foster and adoptive families. Through networking with fellow foster families, local agencies, and professionals, the Fostering Collective has developed a wealth of knowledge and resources, all of which they want to use to help current and potential foster families make a difference in the lives of children from hard places.

IBAC - Institutos Biblicos De Los Americas Y El Caribe, Bethel Bible Church, Tyler TX


Church Planting - Nicaragua

Institutos Biblicos De Los Americas Y El Caribe – IBAC. Ometepe Island is located in SW Nicaragua in the middle of a volcanic lake. Catholicism is the dominant religion, although it is mixed with some folklore. The island has an economy based on livestock, agriculture, and tourism, and they are known for a type of ceramic pottery. There is one airport that services the island. The mission of Bethel Bible Church and the mission of IBAC go hand in hand – both desiring to develop leaders and train them in advanced Biblical education. The mission statement for IBAC is to equip pastors and leaders in Latin America through mobile/modular theological education in partnership with local churches. Most of the indigenous pastors have had no formal training and don’t have access to a seminary. IBAC provides the curriculum, the planning, the facilities, and gathers the pastors. Then partnering with IBAC, Bethel has been sending teams twice a year to train these pastors on Bible study techniques, Biblical history, and Doctrine. It’s a fun experience and a chance to meet new friends in Christ.

Mentoring Alliance Bethel Bible Church Tyler TX

Mentoring Alliance

Local Justice - Tyler, TX

The Mentoring Alliance exists to mobilize godly people into the lives of kids and families, to provide tangible help and eternal hope. Currently there are three main parts to the organization: Rose City Summer Camps, Boys & Girls Clubs of East TX and Gospel Village. All three of these parts rely heavily on volunteers who want to pour into children’s lives to make an impact for eternity. Many people at Bethel are currently serving in one of  these three areas. If you are interested in knowing more, check us out at thementoringalliance.com.

Bethel Bible Church, Tyler TX

Eli and Faith Reddick

Middle East | Unreached People Group

Eli and Faith work in a “closed country,” a term for a region where traditional missionary activity is illegal or banned. They seek to share Christ with the unreached people in Country X through relationships, Bible studies, and a new emotional and mental health discipleship training program called “The Well,” which focuses on God’s design for relationships. Their desire is that the lost would grow in their relationships with Christ and others, that they would know and hunger for the Truth of Christ, and that communities of believers would be planted in their area.

Young Life

Student Outreach- Tyler, TX

Young Life is a long-standing Christian ministry focused on building relationships with students and helping them grow in their faith in Christ. Since 1941, they have set out to accomplish their mission through prayer and by going where kids are, building personal relationships with them, providing fun, adventurous, life-changing experiences for kids, inviting kids to respond to the Good News of Christ and walking with them in friendship, regardless of their response, and preparing kids for a lifelong relationship with Christ and a love for His Word, His mission, and the local church.

Did you know our Tyler Young Life is the longest running Young Life club in the world? It began here in 1942 with Tyler High students, just one year after the ministry was first started. About 40 years ago, it moved to Robert E. Lee High. Today, Young Life Tyler operates in five TISD schools: Tyler High, Legacy High, and Boulter, Hubbard, and Moore Middle Schools.

Young Life- Young Lives

Teen Mom Outreach- Tyler, TX

Young Lives is a subset of Young Life that focuses on discipling teen moms. Their mission is to help young mothers grow in their faith through mentoring, Bible study, and a variety of other discipleship methods to instill in each teen mom core values about herself, her child, her relationships, and her world. While teen motherhood often translates into a loss of hope for a future and the breakdown of health in a community, YoungLives offers a tangible lifeline with the hope that life can look different for teen moms and their children. Life-on-life mentoring is at the very heart of YoungLives. Mentors build relationships with teen moms, offering guidance in matters of faith, parenting and self-worth. And as a result, teen moms are equipped to set and achieve positive education and career goals, become more confident in parenting, live lives rooted deeply in a new relationship with Christ.

Young Life Africa

International Outreach

Young Life Africa introduces teenagers to Jesus Christ and helps them grow in their faith. Africa is a continent of young people; 75% of the population of sub-Sahara Africa is under the age of 25. When leaders share Jesus with kids, hearts change, lives change and communities change. Since launching in Africa around two decades ago, Young Life has grown rapidly, reaching over 1,372,000 kids in a growing number of African countries. They have accomplished this by reaching one kid at a time and training local leaders to be rooted in God’s Word and to branch out into their countries and communities to love lost kids.