Sean and Celia

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Sean and Celia


Population: 680,194,000
Percentage of Unreached: 52.5%
Religion: Buddhism, Islam

The Sean and Celia help missionaries stay healthy and be fruitful, so they can fulfill their calling. They’ve spent over 20 years in cross-cultural missions. During that time, they have been privileged to lead small frontier teams, give national leadership to a large global mission organization in East Asia, and helped build a ministry in Africa before co-founding Field Life.

Their work with Field Life leverages their experiences on the mission field to serve other long-term cross-cultural workers. They provide a free missionary guesthouse in Southeast Asia, host retreats for global workers to debrief and connect with other men and women on the mission field and offer various free coaching services to missionaries. Sean and Celia understand the risk and reward of this calling because they’ve lived it. They know firsthand the joys and adventure as well as the struggles and sorrow that accompany their response to God’s invitation to join Him in redeeming worship all over the world.

At each critical juncture, they’ve received the necessary assistance to remember their calling, get refreshed, and be refueled for the journey ahead. Sean and Celia believe other Christian cross-cultural workers deserve that same support. That’s why they created Field Life.