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Ciutat Nova 22@ Church

Population: 46,646,000
Religion: Christian (76%), Isalm (15.4%)
Language: Spanish, English

Guido Groenevel and Rubèn Pocull are the lead elders at the Ciutat Nova church in Barcelona, Spain. In the past 10 years the Lord has grown their ministry and they have now planted a second church in Girona, Spain. They have planted these churches alongside Xavier Memba, and Vladi Diaz. They praise God for His grace and care!

Rubèn explains that: Planting a church in a post-Catholic country where evangelicals are a minority is tough. These churches are a culmination of years of dreams but also years of hard challenges. However, a church where the Word of the Lord is preached every Sunday, where the sacraments are administered to a community of sons of God that meet to worship their Father in heaven, and a family of faith that shares good and bad moments together remains. Their goal is to be a church centered on the gospel of Jesus Christ and to share that gospel with those who don’t know it.

Church service at Ciutat Nova

Outside the Ciutat Nova church

Another church service at Ciutat Nova