Welcome Home, Adair Family!

December 5, 2020
By: Karen Olsen, Mission Team Leader, Bethel South

One of the goals of the Bethel Mission Team has been to pair each life group with one of our 24 Bethel Missions Partners. For the ones who are overseas and return to the U.S. on furlough, we can be the hands and feet of Jesus by helping make their stay at home more comfortable and enjoyable. One of the challenges of living abroad is that it can be difficult for our missionaries to connect with their local church family when they are only home for a short time!

Robert and Roberta Adair, who had been serving in Northern Japan, arrived in the U.S. last weekend along with their four children. They will remain in Tyler, TX until approximately the end of February. The Juillerats’ and Hodges’ life groups were asked to help serve and bless the Adair family by furnishing and decorating a vacant rental home and helping to make them feel more “at home” upon their arrival. The Adairs’ family rounded up the bulk of the furnishings, and we had fun collecting the remaining “finishing touches”—lamps, pictures, kitchen supplies, a mattress and bedding, towels, Christmas decorations, rugs, and basic pantry and refrigerator items. I was able to connect with Roberta for just a few minutes on their first day in town, and she was most appreciative of the beautiful work that went into transforming their “house” into a “home.”