South Asia Virtual Mission Trip

March 6, 2021

On March 5-6, 2021, Bethel Hope hosted our second virtual mission trip to Southern Asia, introducing us to a region that contains the world’s second-largest population (1.37 billion) but also the least number of “reached” peoples (only 2%). Upon walking into the beautifully decorated sanctuary, we were greeted with brightly colored backdrops and tables accented with lanterns, the rhythmic sounds of Indian music, smiling faces adorned with dupattas, and the scents of curry and saffron filling the air.

During our time together, we connected with our partners in South Asia and learned about the joys and complexities of their calling to minister to under-served Muslim populations. During our meals, we dined as the locals do by eating with our hands and worshipped as the Muslims do by separating into groups of men and women during the call to prayer. We had a chance to visit with several of the native ministry partners and ask questions that opened our eyes and softened our hearts to the great needs and challenges involved in bringing the gospel to the people of South Asia. 
To learn more about our partners in South Asia and their ministry to the Muslims in that region, please email us at