Sierra Leone Trip | Day 6

Sierra Leone Mission Trip | Day 6
Written by:
Robyn Sturgeon

Another wonderful day in Sierra Leone! The Pastor’s Conference wrapped up today. The attendance of pastors and leaders increased each day of the session with the highest attendance on the final day. Today Pastor Fritz, Mark, Jerry, and Pastor Ricky taught on the genres of the New Testament which included gospels, epistles, and apocalyptic literature. The local pastors and leaders continued to ask good questions to deepen their understanding of the Bible. They have asked us to come back soon to continue the teaching. 
Marty, Robyn, and Sam spent the morning helping to clean up the GEM campus. At lunchtime, we ate with the students and watched a soccer match between boys in two of the classes. Sam readily jumped into the game and fun was had by all! Then Marty, Robyn, and Sam were able to work with the teachers from the GEM primary and secondary schools and introduce some instructional strategies to help students process and think critically. The teachers were engaged and enjoyed learning new techniques for their classes. 
In the afternoon, members of the team who had been to Sierra Leone previously were able to visit friends and special people. 
It was a great day that was surrounded by God’s grace and love.