Sierra Leone Trip | Day 7 & 8

Sierra Leone Mission Trip | Day 7
Written by: Fritz Hager
One of the questions we always ask ourselves when we are here is how good are our schools?  We were blessed to have Robyn Sturgeon, an educator, on this trip who spent time observing classrooms and training our teachers and she was impressed!  Henry arranged a trip to visit the two best schools in the country – a girls school named Annie Walsh and a boys school named Princess of Wales.  Both visits helped us understand what we need to do to make our schools even better!
We were able to visit the Freetown Museum, deepening our understanding of the culture of this country and its pivotal role in the African slave trade. We also had lunch at the Crown Bakery and some of us enjoyed some Turkish coffee.

We wrapped up the day at the Waterloo YoungLife Africa camp with about 150 kids from the village, most of whom are Muslim.  They were shocked to see white people serving them dinner and clearing their tables.  There was much dancing, singing, and sweating.  Then we all took “snaps,” which are just pictures with the goofy Americans.

Sierra Leone Mission Trip | Day 8
Written by: Ricky Garner

What a day here in Sierra Leone. We spent the entire day assisting at YoungLife camp in Waterloo. When we arrived we were able to observe and interact with the well over 100 campers as they played various games life football (soccer), volleyball, and a fun game called kill the king. After the games, the team helped to set up and serve lunch. Following lunch, after a rest time for the campers, it was time for “Club”. During this time the campers participated in fun dancing and were treated to a funny skit with a gospel theme. This made way for the greatest part of the day (and maybe the entire trip). The gospel was presented to all campers followed by an altar call. Over 50 kids accepted Christ! This was an amazing moment, and to make it even more amazing for our team, Pastor Henry and the team were asked to come up and pray for the kids. Pastor Henry gave them great encouraging words, Pastor Ricky was asked to lead the kids in the prayer of faith, and Pastor Fritz prayed for them as new converts. To top it all off, the team was called back up at the end and given some very kind and thoughtful tokens of appreciation for serving.