Nicaragua Trip | Day 3

Nicaragua Mission Trip | Day 3
Written by: Stefanie Carter

The people are generally happy and so appreciative. It’s a joy to take care of them and hopefully bring people from the other side of the island back to this church. It’s also nice to hand out medical care to people via the church instead of the communist government as a means of showing God’s love. 

I have seen why God wanted me to come as of today. Experiencing God through two different patients. I was able to share with one patient that needing antidepressant medicines is not a sign of spiritual weakness. Also one of the pastors has symptoms that he thought was “gastritis” (most people here have this due to their diet), but I was able to share that it might be other things going on that could be more serious such as heart problems. It’s always such a blessing to be a part of diagnosing something that could be potentially life-changing.

Being used by God in any capacity is heart-changing and humbling.