Food & Fun with International Students

Did you know that students from all over the world are studying at our local college campuses?  And did you know 75% of the international students who come to the US to study will never enter an American home?  

Bethel Missions would like to be part of changing this statistic.  Lloyd and Karen Olsen (long-time Bethel members) have been building relationships with students from across the globe for many years.  They enjoy learning about their cultures, food, and holidays – and they always invite them to Bethel Church. Some come, some don’t, but they continue the friendship either way.  

Recently while UT-Tyler students were on spring break, the Olsens and a team from Bethel Whitehouse campus hosted a fun-filled afternoon of food and games for 18 international students.  Aron and Shyla Wilburn (along with their son, Benjamin) prepared flavorful foods that represented several nations.  Students and Americans alike loved these multi-cultural treats!  Then the games were on! With a ping pong tournament, basketball, rope ball toss, croquet . . . it was a beautiful afternoon to be outside and make new friends. Ask the Wilburns, Glenn and Kim Strauss, or anyone in the Adam McMahon family what they learned about other nations that day, or about the fierce competition!  Interested in being part of friendships with international students? Contact, and he will connect you.

-Lloyd and Karen Olsen