Sierra Leone Trip | Day 5

Sierra Leone Mission Trip | Day 5
Written by: Mark Mattay

Surprisingly we some rain yesterday and last night which made for some muddy streets but also slightly cooler temperatures. Today, Robin and Marty were able to spend some time at the primary school and then later held a training session with the GEM academy teachers and talked about how to ask “good” questions. Sam continued meeting with some local businessmen and also had the privilege of teaching for a little bit in one of the Gem upper school classrooms.

The pastor’s conference continued with around 55 pastors. During today’s sessions, Pastor Fritz taught on reading Legal and Prophetic Bible Literature; Jerry taught on Understanding Covenants, Abrahamic Covenant, and Mosaic Covenant; Mark taught on the Davidic Covenant and Reading Wisdom Literature and Pastor Ricky taught on the New Covenant. Several of the pastors have told us that the training we did back in January was very helpful for them and were very excited that we came back this week for another “Pastor’s Seminar”.