Nicaragua Trip | Day 1

Nicaragua Mission Trip | Day 1
Written by: Nathan Atkinson

We’ve made it through our first 24 hours in Nicaragua. And, praise God, all has been quiet.

I say this as a praise because: In addition to taking a team of teachers for IBAC pastoral training, we also brought a small medical team to help the local churches serve the people on the island of Ometepe. Just before leaving the States, we learned that we did not receive the letter required to bring our medications through customs. So it was highly likely that they would confiscate them upon our arrival. We would have to wait until Monday to return to the Health Department and hope to receive the letter of approval. However, our passage through airport customs was flawless. All bags passed through the scanners. None were physically pulled or searched. No additional questions were asked. And we quietly moved on, praising God.

Sunday was a day to acclimate and travel down from Managua to Lake Nicaragua and then ferry across to Ometepe. We enjoyed the trip and the time to get to know our local Nicaraguan brothers who are helping us here.

Now it is Monday morning: the day when ministry is supposed to begin. Please pray for our teachers: Craig, David, and Jason as they will begin teaching at IBAC this morning. Pray also for the IBAC missionary, Jim, who is teaching with them but feeling under the weather, and for their translators and the pastors and teachers who have come to learn and grow in the Lord.

Please also pray for our medical team. Though we and our medicines got here, we must still wait until the Health Directors sign our authorization before we can begin seeing patients. We have been promised that it will happen sometime this morning, but we must wait and see. This has delayed our schedule by at least half a day. But God is faithful and we are resting and trusting in Him.

Thank you for your prayers! 

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  1. Nathan Atkinson

    Update: the med team finally got our approval at the end of the day Monday. So we will begin our clinic Tuesday morning.

    The guys teaching at the institute did great today. More to come …

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