Nicaragua Day One & Two


It’s day one in our mission to Nicaragua. It started well with 83 pastors, teachers, and leaders in attendance. For a couple of the Bethel team members, it was the first time teaching through a translator. However, it all went well and the students were enthusiastic. We’re back at it tomorrow.


Today was another wonderful day teaching New Testament Survey with IBAC in Ometepe. We had around 93 people from young to old attend. Today’s topics covered the theology of Luke and Acts to Philippians. I had the honor of teaching on Galatians. Paul’s letter to the Galatians was the only lesson I requested when asked if I had a preference. Its talk of liberty is a constant comfort I desperately need. From the response, I feel that it is a subject understood and dear to the people of Ometepe as well. It has been beyond refreshing to see the people and leaders bring their hearts to these meetings. It’s easy to see they have applied the knowledge they are taking in and linking their minds with their hearts in devotion to God. It calls to mind the dramatic change in Paul and the glorification of God it prompted throughout the church. I was a little terrified to undertake something I had so little experience with, but I was confident in what I knew. I expected to be able to give something to these people. I now fully expect that God has done more in me through these faithful brothers and sisters. They have caused me to glorify God. I look forward, and I know we all do, to what the next two days will bring, both to these people and to this team. 

Please continue to pray for us!