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Thank you for your interest in the Bethel Bible Residency! We are excited to offer a new leadership development ministry to help accomplish the mission of Bethel Bible Church and THE Church.

This is a hands-on, experiential learning program where you’ll be paired with proven Bethel leaders to develop a unique course of study that matches your gifts and ministry interests so you can be better equipped to lead, whether here at Bethel or out in the world!

If you have any questions about the application or residency program, please email

Residency Overview

The Residency is a nine-month long deep dive into the Bible, theology, church leadership, and hands on experience.

Areas of Pastoral Focus:

  • Family Ministry
  • Missions & Outreach
  • Cultural & Ethnic Diversity
  • Expository Preaching & Teaching
  • Church History
  • Pastoral Counseling
  • Ministry & Life Calling
  • Church Leadership & Governance
  • Apologetics & Cultural Engagement

Educational Overview

  • All participants will complete two online classes in basic theology and Biblical interpretation
  • Additional reading and discussion as required by the instructor
  • Complete various projects assigned by the instructor

Desired Goals

The Bethel Bible Residency provides Biblical training, discipleship, and real ministry experience for gifted leaders who desire to serve in vocational ministry.

  • DEVELOP deeper understanding of theology and ability to communicate truth.

  • DEEPEN and broaden ministry experience.
  • DISCERN your calling and gifting.

Course Overview

Each course in the Residency Program creates the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of the areas of pastoral, church and congregational ministry. Each course is taught by Bethel Bible pastors. Participants will engage in six courses of their choosing.

Family Ministry

The goal of this course is to better understand God's design for the family to be the vehicle to pass on a heritage of faith and a godly legacy to the next generation.

Missions & Outreach

The objectives for this course are to understand the Biblical basis for missions, gain an accurate picture of the state of the world today, and learn, through Evangelism Training, how to communicate the gospel and testimony.

Cultural & Ethnic Diversity

This course will examine the Biblical mandate for unity, gain insight about different cultures through cultural competency and reinforce the value of being one. We will also learn about the shared discomfort in a worship setting and examine how the reward of unity outweighs the risk.

Expository Preaching & Teaching

This course is designed to enable the students to construct an expository sermon based upon the skills of exegesis. Also, students will gain experience explaining, proving, and applying a Biblical passage and delivering and Biblical sermon.

Church History

This course will survey some of the major doctrines, people, and events that have shaped the church. The emphasis will be on how and why the church developed to what it is in our current context. Students will seek to understand how the history of the church can equip them for current and future ministry.

Pastoral Counseling

This course will introduce the student to both a brief model of pastoral counseling and the most popular perspectives of what constitutes Christian counseling.

Ministry & Life Calling

The goal for this course is to get a clear sense of calling from the Lord and to learn to lead out of that calling. Students will explore strengths, skills, and passions and discover how each will shape within their personal ministry.

Church Leadership & Governance

This course will explore the church and its mission. Students will also see an overview of the different models of church leadership throughout the history of the church with special emphasis on the role of elders and pastors.

Apologetics & Cultural Engagement

Students will gain a growing awareness of current Western ideas, increase their ability to articulate compelling reasons of the gospel to an unchurched believer, and become aware of the objections to Christianity.

Application process

  • Applications are due August 1
  • Once application is submitted, an interview will be scheduled
  • Interviews will be completed in August
  • Residency program will begin in early September and conclude the following May