Japan Day 4

Day 4 in Karuizawa Japan began with a pleasant breakfast followed by a time of worship with the Asian Access missionaries. Following worship we had our daily time of planning and prayer. It’s during this time that we review our plans for the kids and pray that God would use us to impact the lives of these precious young people that have been entrusted to our care.

When the kids arrived they were met with fun games led by Tracy (who the kids have affectionately named “the game lady”), great crafts led by Jane (“the craft lady”) and Cherissa (‘the story lady”). Tracy, Jane and Cherissa have been amazing with the kids and have kept them thoroughly entertained and engaged with God’s word the whole time. I (Ricky) had the privilege of teaching today’s bible lesson which was from Numbers 20-21. The lesson emphasized how God sent snakes as punishment for the people complaining, but then provided a way for them to be healed and delivered if they looked at a brass snake on a pole. The kids were reminded that this was a picture of how Jesus was lifted up on the cross and by looking to him forgiveness and healing are available.

It was a rainy day but part of the team braved the rain and went into town in the afternoon as the ones who had gone the day before stayed behind to watch the kids.

Today is day 5 and our final day in Karuizawa. We had breakfast, enjoyed watching the kids perform songs and scripture memory verse for their parents, and were blessed with gifts from the Asian Access families before departing for the train station.