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Young Lives Kickoff Dinner

September 13, 2021 | Bergfeld Park

On Monday, YoungLives held its annual Kick-Off Dinner at Bergfeld Park for teen moms, their kids, and mentors. Within a day of making their need for pizza and dessert known, Bethel responded swiftly and in abundance, donating a surplus of funds that can be applied toward future YoungLives events. On the night of the event, there was more than enough pizza, pasta, breadsticks, and popsicles to go around!

Young Lives is a subset of Young Life that focuses on discipling teen moms. Their mission is to help young mothers grow in their faith through mentoring, Bible study, and a variety of other discipleship methods to instill in each teen mom core values about herself, her child, her relationships, and her world. While teen motherhood often translates into a loss of hope for a future and the breakdown of health in a community, YoungLives offers a tangible lifeline with the hope that life can look different for teen moms and their children. Life-on-life mentoring is at the very heart of YoungLives. Mentors build relationships with teen moms, offering guidance in matters of faith, parenting, and self-worth. And as a result, teen moms are equipped to set and achieve positive educational and career goals, become more confident in parenting, live lives rooted deeply in a new relationship with Christ.