Nicaragua Day Four

Robb, Mark, Jeremy, and Craig completed the New Testament Survey today with the pastors and church leaders on Ometepe Island. Finishing the last several books of the Bible and concluding with a moving Spanish version of “Revelation Song”- there were not many dry eyes. The pastors and women church leaders are so gracious and appreciative of Bethel’s investment in equipping them to be more effective teachers. They were delighted to learn about the launch of Bethel Hope Campus and will be praying specifically for that. One of the prayers we’ve had at the outset of Bethel’s relationship with Ometepe through IBAC is that God would use these Bible Institutes to build unity among the pastors on the island. We’ve seen that prayer being answered as the bonds between pastors have clearly grown.
Thanks again for praying for us, and please continue to ask the Lord to strengthen the pastors and their churches on Ometepe Island.

-Craig Radford