Mission Trip: L’Arcada | Spain

August 2021 | Adam McMahon, Whitehouse Campus

My trip to L’arcada was a time of uncertainty. Before my trip, there was a question as to if American volunteers would actually be allowed into Spain due to COVID guidelines and restrictions. But the Lord provided. One of our biggest tasks on the trip was needed to repaint three basketball courts by hand so that the basketball players would be able to compete with visible lines. We were certainly grateful to be able to help in that aspect. It wasn’t long and the campers arrived. We had basketball, flag football, and mountain biking, which proved to be a huge success.

L’arcada truly is a gem for the Spanish community. We were able to build relationships and see our Lord work in the campers’ lives. This is such a great opportunity for anyone that wants to work with an unreached people group. There are so many areas to serve and volunteer your time. I am just grateful that I received this opportunity for the second time.