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Bethel Outreach – December 20, 2018

Christmas holidays far from home can be a lonely time. Bethel Whitehouse families had the unique opportunity to share the joy of Christmas and Christ’s birth with international students who attend The University of Texas at Tyler. Much preparation went into making this a successful time of fellowship and fun.  Bethel Whitehouse parents and children stayed after church a few weeks before to cut the vegetables for 12 pans of veggie enchiladas!  And later they packed goodie bags with snacks and treats for each student to take home. Lloyd and Karen Olsen took home the vegetables to freeze and then assembled and baked the main dish just before the event. On December 20, everyone met at the BSM (Baptist Student Ministry building near UTT campus) to set up tables and prepare fun games and food. About 25 Bethel members and 18 international students had a great evening getting to know one another, playing games, and exchanging cultural traditions from both sides of the globe. Bethel WH hopes to continue building relationships with these students and providing them a local connection while they are so far from home.

Thank you to Karen Olsen and Amelia Chavez for organizing this outreach opportunity!

International Student Outreach Bethel Missions

International Student Outreach Bethel Missions

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