Wednesday in Sierra Leone

Eggs, plantains, pineapple, etc for breakfast again. It still amazes me how different their eggs are from ours. They should be mostly the same but the yolks aren’t nearly as yellow. They still taste great though!
After the fiasco last night we got a new vehicle today and only Bobson was allowed to drive it so we got a new driver too! He’s a great driver and the vehicle is air conditioned and has tinted windows!! It’s really nice but after rolling with the windows down for 3.5 days I sort of feel numb to the world. We kind of miss the “unique” smells, the sounds of the city, and the slight temperature changes as we to from the city to the country. It sounds weird, but it’s true.
We went and met with Kiamotos school teachers this morning and they were very nice. There seems to be quite a few polio survivors in their village and most of them had little NON-motorized scooters. Yeah, they looked like hand driven “Rascals” really genius actually I’ll post a picture when I can.
After that we went to “The Raining Season” orphanage for a meeting. The “adults” met while Zach and Matt went to hang out with the kids. Unfortunately it was afternoon rest time so the kids were in their rooms but they weren’t sleeping! Four boys, Malligie, Joseph, Suwaju, and Umaru, were hanging out their windows wanting to talk. They spoke very good English and were very smart. The youngest was 10 and the oldest was 13 but they all looked much younger. We even got to speak to the pastor who helped start the organization and it was a blessing to see his love for the children after coming out of an orphanage himself. A great conversation with Pastor Daniel. As we left the orphanage one of the kids said “don’t forget us!” It broke my heart.
Our ride back to the hope center was pretty uneventful. We got word earlier that our other team got stranded on the side of the road for 5 hours on their way back from B.E.E. (biblical education by extension) in Kabala. The last we heard they were moving again and we hope to see them soon!