Uganda Trip – update 3

Suubi means Hope and Bethel Team- Uganda witnessed hope flowing throughout the Watoto Suubi village today!

We began the day with a tour of the village which included a vocational school, beautiful church, self-sustaining goat farm and finally the babies home which currently has over 90 babies that have been abandoned one way or another. We heard story after story of how these babies came into this home in critical care, on the cusp of death but now are healthy and well! We saw first hand the great care the nurses and nannies give the new arrivals and the love the mothers pour out to her children.

All the females on the trip instantly become nurturing mothers. They were loving and serving these children well but oh what a beautiful picture to see the two men on the trip caring for these children. All of these children who have most likely never met their father at all were drawn to the love (and fun) of a father!

Our prayer tonight is that each person on our team, reading this blog, or following our pictures on Facebook is drawn to our Father. Our Father who loves and cares more than anyone else, our Father who is our refuge and our strength, our Father who is the lifter of our heads. Praise be to our Father!

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