TWO – Women’s Mentoring

Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed. -Ecclesiastes 4:9

Woman to woman mentoring and discipleship at Bethel is approached a little differently than you may have experienced in the past. Mentoring relationships are encouraged to happen naturally and outside the confines of an official mentoring curriculum or matching programs. There is no preconceived time frame, curriculum, or agenda for you to follow. We hope that Bethel women of all ages feel comfortable and natural approaching one another for a relationship. TWO Mentoring operates alongside and within other ministry activities and programs.

If you are looking for mentoring relationships with other Bethel woman, we encourage you to read a little more about TWO in the Mentee FAQ Section and then seek out TWO Mentors in a variety of ways and settings.

Mentor Team Leader

Ellen Coltman

Ellen Coltman


Help From Our TWO Mentee Consultants

Jennifer, Katelyn and Misty are available to help young mentees who are not sure how to make a mentoring connection. They do not match Mentees with a Mentor, but they present possibilities for the young woman to pursue. You will see them around a Bethel Campus or you can call/email one of them with any questions you have about finding a Mentor!

Katelyn Sullins

Katelyn Sullins

Downtown Campus


Misty Foley

Whitehouse Campus





How to Find a Mentor:

Interested in serving as a TWO mentor?