Sunday at young life Africa

Sunday YL Africa
Pretty good nights rest last night even though we were sleeping 2 to a bed and not all of us had AC. Woke up to African omelets which is similar to American omelets… But totally different.
Out to camp to spend time with the kids. When we got there they were all already up and playing games and starting their day. The women were prepping for the meals in the hut out back that they used as a kitchen, the boys were playing basketball, and some were playing a game they call Chinese ball which looks like of like tennis without rackets or a net.
We saw one guy harvesting palm wine from the top of a palm tree. It’s a sort of milky water that ferments into wine. They harvest it by tapping buckets to the tops of palm trees right under the branches. It’s a pretty neat process.
We spent a lot or time with the kids hearing their stories and getting to know them and their culture. I really shouldn’t call them kids, many of them were 20+ and some were older; but they were hearing the truth preached and responding in a way that they most likely would not in a different setting.
After we had lunch we went back to the camp to set up for their final meal and send off. If it seems like we are eating earlier than they are… We are. They dont eat lunch till 3, and dinner is quite a bit later but that’s their culture. One last time we helped set up, serve, and clean up the meal. We then cleaned the camp, and said our good byes to the kids as they boarded the busses to go home. The little village kids who were 3-6 years old, kept following us all the way to the car and asked us to take them with us. It was heartbreaking.
We left the camp on a 2+ hr car ride back to Freetown to meet Rob Lowe who was delayed on his trip over. We met him at a restaurant and ate very good pizza for dinner… We felt a little guilty, but we hadn’t had anything close to American food since the previous wednesday (airplane food doesn’t count) so we forced ourselves to enjoy it.
About an hour drive back to the encampment for some much needed showers and sleep.
On a side note, the Internet availability has not been very good so I apologize for not being able to post as much or as many pictures as I wanted.