Sierra Leone Update 4/16/14

Greetings from Africa!

After a two day layover in Brussels, our Bethel team finally arrived in Sierra Leone on Monday. Getting to the Hope Center from the airport was an adventure in itself – bus ride – water taxi – then into the ministry vehicle for another hour drive!

Our first ministry day was a success and our whole team is being blessed as they are blessing others. During the morning, we held a women’s conference at Pastor Henry’s church, Nissi Community Church. An estimated 60 – 70 women received health education and prayer. Health education is much needed and always full of interesting discussions. Traditions and old “folk beliefs” verses medical truths usually become a healthy debate among the women and the teachers.

For example: many African women believe that the baby’s soft spot on the head is used for breathing. If the baby chokes on food/ milk – the food gets caught in the head. The food can be dislodged by smacking the baby on the soft spot which causes the baby to properly breath again. Interesting?

The second part of the day consisted of visiting the school (90 students – no toilet!) and all four churches sponsored by Bethel. God is moving in Sierra Leone!! The churches are packed on Sundays and the people have a genuine love for Christ, the leaders, and for one another. On the other hand, the poverty is overwhelming and very complex. The Bethel team is processing, discussing, praying, and leaning on the Holy Spirit for guidance on how to be the most effective. We are excited to see what else God will do here as we, as a church, are faithful with our prayers, our people, and our support.

Bethel friends – please keep us in your prayers.