Sierra Leone Trip Update, 2/26

What a fruitful but hard day!  About 175 children attended the Children’s ALPHA course this morning and, yes, this was in building smaller than the Reel-to-Real room.  Kids happily pile on top of one another.  The girls taught and acted out David and Goliath.  Sarah and Lori, the animated actresses that they are, rolled on the ground, climbed chairs, and fell to their death as Goliath, David, the king, sheep, and many other Oscar-worthy roles, while Paula seamlessly narrated.  They were able to deliver the truth that God uses the smallest to do MIGHTY things in His name, praying they instill the hope of the gospel.  You would’ve loved seeing the children singing and dancing to “Just a Boy Named David,” the newest song in their repertoire.  This time was a tank-filler for those who thrive on energy and pure love.

The men affirmed the BEE course got off to a great start.  Jeff couldn’t be more proud of Nick and Lee, who he says did a prodigious job.  They were successful in explaining the role of a facilitator in the body.  Each meeting shows advancement and hope in the attendees.  These men are growing in the Lord and His word!

The G.E.M. pastor business meeting, which we had the joy of attending, ran long.  This made the team late to the Youth ALPHA course (even on Africa time).  Regardless, “Chief” impacted the group with a lesson on the master potter and the vessel.  How we do wish you could see him fashioning not just clay but also lives.  The Lord has gifted “Chief.”

Each part of this group embraces the privilege of serving as servants of Christ doing the will of God from the Heart!  It is true joy to be a part of His work, to see His hand, and to walk this road together with you, with Young Life of Sierra Leone, with G.E.M. Ministries, and the other parts God is bringing together.

Please, pray for a spirit of unity and breakthrough for the conflict, which exist in reconciling G.E.M Ministry and Canaan Poultry Farms and for the G.E.M Ministry board meeting, which takes place at 11:00 a.m. CST on Monday.   Also, the men preach in three of the churches tomorrow, the team would covet your prayers for clear delivery and receptive hearts of those hearing.

Traveling from Waterloo to Freetown, we saw a perfect picture of the spiritual turmoil existing in Sierra Leone.  Two punta-punta (public transport vans) traveled one after another.  One read “Jesus Reigns.”  The other read “Allah Reigns.”  The worship of other gods exists plainly side by side with the movement of the gospel.  The conflict plays out in every realm.  It reminded us that the battle here is not of flesh and blood but against principalities, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, and against spiritual wickedness in high places.  Pray for the continued redemption of souls and protection of your brothers and sisters in Christ.