Sierra Leone Trip Update, 2/23

After nine hours on a plane, we arrived at Heathrow Airport with the entire team and carry-on luggage intact (we’ve been told to keep our eyes open for a few members of the team known for misplacing luggage). The flight was uneventful, which is an answer to prayer in itself. Jeff is feeling better, minus major sinus pressure in his ears. The rest of the team seems to be well too. All are maintaining a regimen of Tamiflu (preventative since Jeff has been sick) and malaria meds, which Lee is lovingly overseeing with an iron hand. Currently, we are waiting for the flight to Freetown. We unexpectedly met up with Sandra, the pediatrician who runs the pediatric hospital in Sierra Leone. Jeff picked out her face in the crowd of people waiting for the flight. How nice to see a familiar face when it’s least expected! Please continue to join us in prayer for travel safeties; peace for all the parts of the travel party; families left in Tyler health and wellbeing of the children, fathers, and wives left behind. Pray that the hearts of all those we come in contact with will be readied for the Word of God, the movement of the Spirit and the love of Christ given in mutual humility of all.


Lori Knight
The Sierra Leone Trip