Sierra Leone – Day 3: No Internet Until Thursday

We had a great day of camp preparation today in Bo.  We are fortunate to be staying at the Missionary Training Center with our hosts Alan and Patty and their wonderful staff.  They have all been very gracious, and the food Fudia prepared for us has been amazing.  Today has mostly been a day of respite before the major work begins tomorrow at Young Life camp, but also a great time of planning and visiting with the camp leadership from Young Life Africa.

All of the team had the opportunity to see downtown Bo.  Some of us stayed longer to explore the market and grab a few last minute items for camp.  We were very blessed today to spend time with our brothers and sisters that have just finished up with Young Life Camp in Freetown and have travelled here to work for the camp in Bo.  Despite their fatigue, they visited with us and spent some time in worship and prayer with us this evening.  We leave early tomorrow to a campsite in the county about 2 hours away from Bo.  There is an excitement about not knowing the specific tasks we’ll have throughout the 3 days of camp, and great comfort in knowing that whatever it is we are doing to serve the camp staff will be one less thing they will need to fret about.

Please pray for safe travels tomorrow for our team, Young Life Africa camp staff, and the 200+ young people that will be arriving at camp Tuesday.