Seattle Trip – update 4

Today we were able to go help at one of the local food banks. It was awesome because it’s like a grocery store there! Today was the day that they do home deliveries to the elderly and people that can’t get out of the house. We were able to pack grocery boxes and bags for about 100 people today! For every box that we packed groceries, we also prayed for the Holy Spirit to invade these peoples’ lives. It was awesome to think about how all these people might never have been prayed for in such a lost city like Seattle. After the food bank, we went to eat lunch and then return to Green Lake to pass out more flyers for the volleyball tournament and also invitations to church. We talked with a lot of people who were open and excited for the invitation, as well as some people who were not so thrilled. Regardless, it was awesome to be able to interact with so many people and pray for them as we were walking. Tonight we have dinner with the entire Root’s staff and are very excited to fellowship with them.