Nicaragua Teaching Trip Update – 2015-05-26


We had a good start to the week!

More students showed up for the teaching than expected, we had about 150-160 in attendance. This is a great problem, but it has created a little stress on the infrastructure such as meals, transportation, seating, etc. eric-in-nicaragua

Eric taught, in Spanish, yesterday and it was AWESOME! It’s fun to watch him in his element and I hope he will preach again tonight in Spanish.

So far, we are on schedule. Met a bunch of local pastors yesterday and it’s humbling to see how little these men and women have. They have little, if any, access to books, resources, or training. Intact, this IBAC training is the only instruction most will ever receive, and by most, I really mean All.

Eric and I will have more opportunity today to see a local church setting with a couple of congregations assembled. I’m interested to experience the ‘vibe’ of the local evangelical church. The Catholic church’s influence is pervasive in overt and covert ways that touch every aspect of life here in Central America.

Prayer Request!

Graham Hale (from Fellowship Bible Church in Jacksonville) is a little under the weather. Please pray for him to bounce back!

That’s all for now, we’ll check in tomorrow!