Nicaragua – Day 1

Nic 1

We (Craig Radford, David Gass, Brent Kirkley and Jeff Bice) successfully navigated car, airplane, van, ferry, and 2nd van to make it to Isla Ometepe in the middle of lake Nicaragua.  The lake is so big you can’t see across it; think the Great Lakes size. The island is really 2 volcanic islands that are connected in the middle like a figure 8. Our hotel is right on the beach and has an open outdoor lobby/restaurant surrounded by beautiful tropical vegetation.

We had some great fish for lunch (check out the teeth) and prepared for our Easter church service at 6pm.  Jim Wilson, the IBAC (Institute Biblical America Central, in Spanish) missionary from the video a few weeks back that we showed in the services preached.
We are enjoying getting to know the 3 interpreters who will be making what we say make sense to the pastors who will be attending the institute this week.  Cairo, Melvin, and Chico are smart and super helpful orienting us to the Nicaraguan culture and church.
Please pray for us as we begin the institute that our speaking would be clear and effective. Also, pray for the 75ish pastors who are supposed to be there. We have heard that there is some division and turf guarding between the pastors on the island, so pray for unity and a kingdom mindset.