Monday in Sierra Leone

Sunday night we arrived at the guest house called the “hope center” located in Jui. The missionaries and staff there are all very welcoming and helpful. The center itself is nice. Very western in design, no AC but the fans and windows circulate the air. The showers and toilet stalls are about what you would expect in a third world country, very different than America. Water is hard to come by so every place has their own reservoirs mounted high on top of the buildings and the plumbing is gravity powered. The showers aren’t hot, but after a day of sweating and being dirty I am thankful for any water and soap!
Monday we met with pastors of local churches supported by G.E.M.; Solomon charlie, Kaimoto, James, and Charles. David who used to be the pastor at Lumpa was also around for a little while so we got to learn from him as well. We got some video interviews with them including their testimony and why they like being a pastor in Sierra Leone.
Anywhere we go, the young kids are immediately drawn to Zach out of wherever they are. He is literally a kid magnet. So while the “grown ups” were talking, Zach was playing with the kids. It’s interesting to see the childlike innocence of the young children here just like in America. Once they get to about 13 they are much less likely to come up to us and try to touch us and play with us. Younger than that, they have just about zero inhibition! As we played with the kids we would see their parents in the background working and taking care if house chores and we would try to engage them in conversation but they were much more guarded.
One important thing I have failed to mention… Sierra Leone is in the middle of a serious fuel crisis. The stations are dry and if they do have any petrol, they are rationing and only giving drivers 15liters at a time. The lines (que’s) are sometimes 20-30 cars long down the road waiting for the station to open up again or getting back in line for more fuel. The reason for the backup was that the tanker that was supposed to come with the last load of petrol didnt make it in and got stranded but they were supposed to have another big load come in on sunday. Well that load came in but it wasn’t enough to meet the demands of waiting motorists and it was soon depleted. This directly impacted us as we ran out of gas in the center of Freetown by the cottonwood tree and the amazing missionaries Dave and Lisa at the Hope Center drove their vehicle about 30mins into town to pick us up and drive us all back. It was a blessing in disguise because we got to ride the rest of the way in a car with better shocks and AIR CONDITIONING! Did i mention before that the car we had been riding in all week in African heat had no Ac? It’s not much of a problem when you’re moving but when were in town and its smoggy and hot and you’re not moving fast… Well, you get the “real experience” of Freetown Sierra Leone.
God is good and we actually ran out of gas right by a gas station MINUETS before it closed and they even let us fill up the tank and didn’t ration us! God continues to show himself.
We got back after a great conversation with the missionaries in the car and got some sleep.
I am posting pictures as I’m able on the bethel Facebook if you want to check them out. They are just iPhone pics but they work ok. I’ll post the real shots (from the good camera) when we get back.