Missions update Japan – The Adairs

“Simple Prayers Encourage Faith”

-An interview with the Adairs

Bethel’s faithful Japanese missionaries, the Adairs, are having a great time in Japan as Roberta gains fluency in Japanese, and Robert builds relationships, a skill they both are gifted in.

Roberta began her mission’s work in Kosovo, Europe. Since her relocation to Japan, she had a secret prayer to meet a Kosovar at some point in Japan.

“I, oh-ye-of-little-faith, thought it was an impossible request. Well, last Tuesday, Robert and I visited for two-and-a-half hours with a new Kosovar friend and his sister! One of just a handful of Kosovars in Japan, he has never met another in the 10 plus years he has lived here. His work is about a 20-minute walk from where I have Japanese class, and his wife’s parents live about 10 minutes from our house,” Roberta said.

She is eager to see how the relationship develops.

“I don’t think it’s just a cool coincidence – I think it’s divinely orchestrated, and I believe God has something special in store for him and his whole family,” Roberta explained. “It’s also a sweet confirmation from God that he hears even the most ridiculous prayers.”

Their new friend seems open to talk about issues of faith and identity.

Please join the Bethel leadership and the Adairs in the privilege of praying for these new friends. May God continue to open doors for relationship, and may he give those around their ministry hunger and thirst for Him.