Mercy Street – Day 4

This week our team has been able to see that God’s word speaks to everyone regardless of culture. God’s truth transcends cultures.

Thursday wrapped up with our mercy street family with a cook-out by Fish Trap Lake. This was the perfect way to end our week of serving with the Mercy Street. We were able to look back and talk about our week and pray together before we left Mercy Street for the last time. Like we did everyday this week, we started our day in God’s word by reading and observing the scriptures for 20 minutes and then spending 40 minutes in small groups unpacking what we had just read. This was such a great time for all the our students to get in God’s word and learn from each other.

After our time in The Word we finished prepping for Super Thursday. The Bethel students heard a little history about West Dallas and Mercy Street from Carlton Oby. They were able to learn how mentoring happens and how it’s having a positive impact on the lives of the students in area schools. Mentoring starts in 4th grade and Carlton said that 3rd graders started turning in applications before their 3rd grade year was done…THIRD GRADERS! After that our students served. Some stuffed envelopes for future Mercy Street sponsors and some went to a nearby park and cleaned up trash.

At 3:00 it was time for the big event; Super Thursday. We played games in the a courtyard, worshiped, and got to see a skit put on by the Mercy Street Interns. After that we broke up into small groups and talked about the Bible story. While in small groups we played a few games with the kids to help reinforce the story.

Soon it was time to wrap up our time with Mercy Street. We went out to the park (the one that we cleaned earlier) and grilled hamburgers and hot dogs. We enjoyed celebrating the fact that we are united in Christ, across cultures, across the state, and across the globe. We are one family with one mission.

Pastor Jerry Wagner challenged us with a story from John 4. The story is about a man and a woman who were from two different races and the woman was so amazed by Jesus that she went and told everyone in her town about Him. She told everyone about Jesus. He challenged us that we all have one mission; to tell the world and those around us about Jesus.

It has been an incredible week of seeing God unite two very different groups as one. This was exemplified as the students had a dance party at the end of Super Thursday. Everybody jumped up on the stage and just truly enjoyed being together and goofing off . We have been so blessed to get to know our new brothers and sisters better and we look forward to God continuing to use the members of our team, as well as the students we worked within Dallas to make much of Jesus and serve their cities with love.