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Women to Women Mentoring

Woman to woman mentoring and discipleship at Bethel is approached a little differently than you may have experienced in the past. Mentoring relationships are encouraged to happen naturally and outside the confines of an official mentoring curriculum or matching programs. There is no preconceived time frame, curriculum, or agenda for you to follow. We hope that Bethel women of all ages feel comfortable and natural approaching one another for a relationship. TWO Mentoring operates alongside and within other ministry activities and programs.

Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed. -Ecclesiastes 4:9

If you are looking for mentoring relationships with other Bethel woman, we encourage you to read a little more about TWO in the Mentee FAQ Section and then seek out TWO Mentors in a variety of ways and settings.

If you would like to be a Mentor, please click the button below!

Mentee FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

We have mentors at our Downtown, South and Whitehouse Campus that would love to connect with you. Scroll down to see the Mentee Consultants for each campus! Feel free to email them if you have any questions!

There is none! It is entirely up to you how often and when you meet. This is meant to be an organic relationship focusing on meeting the mentee’s needs. You may just meet someone once for a specific answer to a question, or for advice on a specific issue. You may want to find someone with whom to set up regularly scheduled meeting times. This is between you and the mentor to decide. Also, unless you choose to find one on your own, there is no set book to read or study to complete. You can get together and just talk or mutually agree to something more formal. You may also contact one of the co-leaders or any of the mentee consultants. The mentoring team is available to help you explore your options.

All mentors have been trained that this is a mentee driven and flexible program. They understand that as individuals they may not meet the needs of all mentees. There is no obligation to pursue a relationship that is not the right fit for you. Don’t worry, the mentors will not get their feelings hurt if you want to meet with someone else or the relationship doesn’t work for you! But we do encourage you to keep looking and not give up if you don’t find someone right away. Finding the right “fit” doesn’t always happen immediately.

Great!! All the mentors want to help you achieve your goal for the relationship – no matter how brief or long. Remember…meeting for coffee doesn’t have to be a lifetime commitment!

Help From Our Mentee Consultants

We have from the Downtown, South and Whitehouse campus who are available to help mentees who are not sure how to make a mentoring connection. You will see them around a Bethel Campus or you can call/email one of them with any questions you have about finding a Mentor!

Katelyn Sullins Bethel Bible Church TWO Mentee Consultant

Katelyn Sullins

Mentee Consultant

Downtown Campus


Moriah Smith

Mentee Consultant

South Campus


Misty Foley Bethel Bible Church TWO Mentee Consultant

Misty Foley

Mentee Consultant

Whitehouse Campus