Meet Our Missionaries – The Campbell’s

Meet The Campbell’s with the Jamamadi Village

The Jamamadi New Testament translation read-through by the Jamamadi is finished. This is the last  Jamamadi input needed before final publication. To God be the glory!

But now, it is time for the mundane.

Returning to the States, we are faced with major house repairs. Our son, David will be coming from Tennessee to give his expert advice and help, but we must completely empty two rooms in preparation. The task of throwing away unneeded papers, and sorting the rest has led us down memory lane. We discovered a prayer letter from 2002 about another time of leaving the Jamamadi village.

“At the close of a Jamamadi church service Bada said, ‘Our older brother, Bob, and his wife are leaving us for a long time. We are sad, but remember, the Holy Spirit is not leaving us. He is with us always. He will continue to teach us. We must continue to read God’s Word and obey it.’”

His words have encouraged us both then and now, because at present the Jamamadi believers are divided and bickering among themselves. A very few influential leaders are questioning if the translation is the true Word of God. But God’s Spirit is still among them and will teach them.

Pray for final decisions concerning the choice of a publisher, proofreading, and printing.

Pray for unity among the believers.

Barbara Campbell