Jamaica Update #3

When you’re away from home, you can never tell how things will go, especially when you’re on an island in the Caribbean sea; prone to completely unpredictable afternoon rain showers… or in today’s case, thunder storms.
We began our day with renewed strength and a drive to do much work, and before lunch that is just what we did. Work was done on the nature trail and continued on the ping pong table construction, and new painting projects were begun.
However just as it was time for lunch, our day took an unexpected turn. Rains moved in, they were pleasant and light at first, but over the next hour, our team learned exactly why a rain forest is called a rain forest.
We enjoyed our lunch, and enjoyed the serenade of rain on the tin roof of the dining area, and after lunch, we called it a work day.
The sun was right back as soon as the rain stopped and we all changed to head to the public beach, which was another nice refresher for our hard work this week. We played for a solid hour and a half and then went for ice cream on our way back to camp to freshen up for dinner, where we went to Scotchies, a local jerk restaurant. Everyone loved it, even Ms. Barbara and our other Jamaican friends enjoyed the treat!
It was a great way to end another day, and once again refuel for more hard work the remainder of the week!

As we near the end, please continue to pray for our:
1-team energy levels
2-all the relationships we’re forming and building
3-the impact that will be made at New Generation after we are gone
4-that God will continue to move children to come to our gathering on Saturday

Blessings from Jamaica,

For the Glory,

Katelyn Hukill and the team