Jamaica Trip Update #2

As a veteran of two previous Jamaica trips, it’s incredible to see each time how the Lord remains at work in this place. Most of all, it is a blessing to see that no matter how different every team I’ve been here with is, He always unites us in such a way that we accomplish much for His glory and purpose.

Today the team hit the ground running. Although we worked hard on day one, everyone went into day two with great enthusiasm and willingness to work without grumbling. Work was done on the nature trail, building rails and reinforcing steps. Teams also worked to clear a landing for a permanent, outdoor ping pong table to be built, put together new chairs, and helped to clear branches and limbs that could pose potential threats to camp buildings in bad weather situations.

Ms. Barbra fed us well, and kept us full with happy bellies and good energy.

In the afternoon, we traveled to a community about 15 minutes from camp, called Mines, and met and played with 15 or so children from Lemon’s church. It was incredible to see everyone loving on those precious babies and pouring into them and the parents who had also come. We have invited them all back on Saturday, and it is hard to say who is most excited for that time, us or the children.

Tomorrow we’ll be doing more work around camp for most of the day, and then relaxing and restoring at the beach for a bit in the afternoon and cooling down with some Devon House ice cream, a local treat! Then, we’re treating Mrs. Barbra and the other New Generation staff to dinner at Scothies, a local jerk place we’ve enjoyed in the past.

The days are long and the work is by no means easy, but our God is so faithful to restore us each morning and fill us with joy as we love on and pour into these precious brothers and sisters!

Please continue to pray that we will be:
1. Restored and energized.
2. Remain joyful and loving as a crew
3. Be well received on Saturday at the church
4. Continue to complete projects
5. Continue to pour into and build relationships with the Jamaican people.

For the Glory,
Katelyn Hukill