Jamaica Day 4

Greetings mon,

I am not sure if any picture will do justice as to the joy and sense of accomplishment our team and New Generations camp are feeling today (especially Lemon). Just before the evening rain hit we completed our main work project the ‘go deh’ pit! Tomorrow morning will be the first official ‘go dah’ game in Jamaica (for those of you who do not know ‘go dah ball’ is the Jamaican version of Gaga Ball or Gogo ball)!

Thank you all so very much for your prayers this week. Please pray for tomorrow (Friday) afternoon as we will go and hang out with kids/students at a local church in Mines. The church is Lemon’s home church. Our plan is to just hang out with the kids in the area and play games. We will do this in order to have a better idea of their community and culture.

Saturday morning we will return to the church and lead a mini children’s service to present the Gospel. Saturday afternoon/evening Auntie Nel is going to take us to Dunns River Falls & then Ocho Rios for shopping & dinner at Scotchies (famous Jamaican jerk chicken, pork, etc..) for an evening together on the town!

Sunday we will have a morning worship service and communion together in the NG tree house. Yes, I said tree house. That afternoon we make final preparations for campers to arrive in July and pack up to return to Tyler.

There are so many amazing things the Lord is doing in each and everyone of our lives. Serving behind the scenes in hot humid weather has not all been fun and games but our team has had an amazing attitude. One of our favorite times together is Auntie Nels “Hot Seat” where she puts the spotlight on one person and allows anyone at the table to ask whatever question they want. It has been great getting to know each others life story and I believe has brought us closer together as brothers & sisters.

This might be the last time I am able to e-mail until we return on Monday. Auntie Nel and I have had to travel to the Ivan & Faith Linton’s house (property owners of the mountain) to get Internet access. The Linton’s are believers who helped found New Generation & donated the property. Faith Linton has been a popular camp and conference speaker in Jamaica & the Caribbean for over 40 years. She has also authored several books one is Identity & the Gospel. They are such an amazing couple who model what it means to Love the Lord & Love others. Without them it would be difficult to send updates.

Thank you all again for your prayers & support. We are all so blessed to be here and we thank the Lord Jesus Christ for everyone one of you!