Jamaica Day 1

Our team arrived safely in beautiful Jamaica after spending the night in Houston. We were greeted by our driver (David) and made our way to New Generation Camp. Nel had a wonderful supper ready for us. After a night rest everyone began with our morning devotional and after breakfast began working on the projects

.IMG_0528 IMG_0537 IMG_0531 IMG_0526

On day one we have painted the tent platforms, began concreting the walkway to cottage #2 and painted cottage #2 inside and out. Before supper the group ventured to the river head for a refreshing swim that included swinging from vines and jumping all the cliffs. We had another great meal followed by games and what Ms Nel calls the hot seat. A person is asked any question anyone desires to get to know them. Clint Gill was our first person and even said that has been a highlight for him so far. The group is working so well together and bonds are truly being formed. So now off to bed for another hard days work.