International Student Strategy

Before Musa got out of my car he asked, “If someone believes in Jesus can he go through life without letting everyone know? Because what if that person could suffer if others knew he believed in Him?”

Musa is asking a question many who come from his region of the world have to face when they begin to consider following Jesus. The cost is high. The threat is real. Essentially, Musa is exploring if Jesus is worth it.

Those who grow up in a country where freedom of religion is valued will likely never have to consider whether or not following Jesus could cost them their lives. But how beautiful is the faith of those who stand in Christ despite the threat of physical harm. The friendship I have with Musa causes me to evaluate why Jesus is worth more than life itself. Is He my greatest treasure who I would give up everything for to gain? My friend challenges me often, and yet it is clear that the Lord is drawing nearer to him.