Friday in Sierra Leone

Friday in Sierra Leone
Much of the day with Rob again at BEE for Zach, Matt, Lee, and Chad in the village near Waterloo.
BEE is an amazing organization and it was awesome to hear some of their meeting with the local pastors today. They started with a prayer that broke out into song, and then back into group prayer, and then back to single prayer. It was very different than how we would start anything in America but it was beautiful and worshipful. A great way to start. The class ended in a similar way, with group prayer, a very gracious thank you to Rob with BEE and us with Bethel. The local pastors send their regards to the church family and are very thankful for you’re support!

A couple times throughout the day we got brave and walked around the neighborhood to talked to a few adults and a million kids. It never fails, if we step outside the main building we would get attacked by local kids… But that’s pretty much the expectation here! We talked to a couple kids who were getting water from their well and Zach wanted to see if it was as hard as they made it look… Apparently it was! He keeps complaining about being sore but in think he’s just being a baby. Of course, I didn’t try it so I can say all I want haha! The “rope” tied to the bucket used at the well was made of a cut up tire but it really worked well for them! They asked if we see going to install a pump for them. Of course we don’t have any clue on how to do that so we said no and they were a little disappointed.

Power bar for lunch while the locals had Kasava leaf with fish and chicken on rice. It looked good but we didn’t want to risk it so we kindly declined. The class wrapped up around 330 so we started the 1.5 hour journey into town at Bliss (a Lebanese restaurant on the west side of town) for the meeting with the GEM board.
The board meeting was supposed to start at 630, but we didnt really get going until about 730. Different culture, different values on time. As with any board meeting on either side of the Atlantic, needless to say, it was a late night.

The ride home was long but safe and were headed to bed for our last night in Africa. It’s bitter sweet really. We’re all excited to get home to our families and “normal” life, but at the same time we will miss these people and unique experience we had on this trip.
Please pray for safe travels home and we look forward to being back with you all.