Sierra Leone – Day 2

The highlight for everyone today was the baptism… worship with our
African brothers and sisters was amazing too, but the baptism in the
little creek was powerful. It was a joy to be able to participate with
these who were publicly declaring their faith and allegiance to
Christ. There was a crowd of onlookers made up of random people from
the villages who happened to be walking along the road, plus the 40 or
so people who were baptized and their friends and family. What a

After the baptism, we proceeded on a 4 hour journey to Bo! we met the
remainder of the crew who will be working along side us at Young Life
Sierra Leone! Tonight was filled with wonderful fellowship as we sat
around a table and shared our hearts and stories! It is so amazing
getting to meet others from the other side of the world who share such
a passion for God and serving youth.  Dustin DeLong led us in a
worship time and the Zena taught us a few African songs we’ll be
singing at camp. We ended the evening with a good time of prayer for
the campers staff and leadership of the Young Life camp.

Please pray for God’s love to flow through us and for unity with our
new African team members.