Sierra Leone – Day 1: Finally Have Internet

What a great first day in Freetown, Sierra Leone!  After a good
night’s sleep Friday night we were all refreshed and recovered from
our 36 plus hours of travel.

We were greeted this morning by running, smiling children as we
entered the village of Waterloo. Gathered in the Grace Evangelical
Ministry’s (GEM) main office were about 50 children set to hear the
roaring story of Daniel from Ellen Krafve. We sang songs, worshipping
God in Krio. John Carr was up next with the story of the Good
Samaritan with the application question about who was their neighbor.
After a few more songs the kids were dismissed and we were joined by a
40 men who were students of the BEE (Biblical Education by Extension).
The ministry leaders had a detailed schedule for us to follow. Jeff
had the “Keynote Address” and Rick had the “Prayer for the Students”.
It was a memorable celebration for the nine men who completed the
first level certification. They each were awarded a certificate and
challenged to continue to pass on what had been entrusted to them.

A good walk through the villages gave us a tour of two more of the
five churches that have been planted through GEM.

The drive into Freetown was quite an adventure. About two hours into
our journey we had covered about 15 miles in heavy traffic. Then, one
of the vehicles  ran out of gas. All the guys jumped out to push the
car off to the side of the street while the driver ran down to fill up
his plastic container with a little more fuel. Back underway, we had
only traveled a little distance when, surprise, the brakes failed and
we bumped the Mercedes in front of him. After a some yelling and angry
looks, everyone was no their way again to the Aberdeen Women’s Center.

The Aberdeen clinic is the medical center that Jerry Putman helped
open when they lived here with Mercy Ships.  We had a brief tour and
then were off to a nice dinner with some of the staff from the clinic.
The Country Lodge is one of the most beautiful restaurants in all of
Sierra Leone. It has an amazing scenic view of he city and ocean
beyond.  We had great conversation around the table with our friends
living and serving here.

Tomorrow, we will be a part of the baptism service for 43 people who
will publicly declare their allegiance to Christ.  Afterwards we’ll
drive to Bo.  I’ll update you soon as I can.

Pray for safety, unity and strength.