Cast and Crew Needed for Bethel Kids!

Bethel Kids Team Job Descriptions

Dozens of Bethel members help make Bethel Kids a place where elementary-age children come on Sunday morning for exciting and relevant teaching, small group relationships and LOTS of fun. Whether it’s leading small group, acting in a skit or baking breakfast snacks, there is a way for every Bethel member to be a part of Bethel Kids.

If you are interested in joining the Bethel Kids team, we’d love for you to come check it out and shadow one of our experienced team members. Contact Lacey Melinder, Bethel Kids Director, to get started.

First Impressions Team

  • A team that greets every family that comes into Bethel Kids on Sunday morning and directs new families to the right place.
  • Looking for: friendly, engaging adults who can foster a welcoming environment and put others at ease.
  • Commitment: one hour, twice a month.

Pre-game Team

  • A team that cares for our friends who arrive before 9:30 on Sunday morning and help with traffic flow starting at 9:30.
  • Looking for: jr. high/ high school students who can arrive early to responsibly and enthusiastically spend time with a group of 5-10 children.
  • Commitment: from 9:10 to 9:40, twice a month

Special Buddies Team

  • A team of people who are one-on-one buddies for Bethel Kids with special needs.
  • Looking for: students and adults who can be flexible and adapt to specific and specialized needs. *many of our friends integrate very well into the classrooms and simply need someone beside them to give them attention throughout the class, not necessarily intensive special care.
  • Commitment: either a once a month rotation with friends we already care for, or “on call” status for when we have new friends come on a Sunday morning.

Hospitality Team

  • Provides breakfast snacks for the Bethel Kids team
  • Looking for: someone who wants to support the Bethel Kids team.
  • Commitment: drop off snacks at 9:10, once a month.

Small Group Leader

  • Responsible for teaching a weekly lesson to a group of 15-20 elementary age children.
  • Looking for: adults who are called to form relationships with children on a consistent basis. Essentially, this team functions as children’s life group leaders.
  • Commitment: one hour, every week (teams can rotate schedules as well).

Large Group Storyteller

  • A stage personality that host and teaches the bible story during a twenty-minute large group segment.
  • Looking for: an enthusiastic and engaging person with confident stage-presence
  • Commitment: one hour, twice a month

Large Group Stage Team

  • A team of actors needed for occasional skits during a twenty-minute large group segment.
  • Looking for: high school students and adults who have an engaging stage personality.
  • Commitment: an “as needed” commitment, usually once or twice a month during both hours. Will include a rehearsal before Sunday morning.

Media Team

  • operate all media components during large group settings
  • Looking for: students or adults who want to support Bethel Kids.
  • Commitment: one hour, once a month. One-time training.

Minute-to-Win-It Host

  • Someone who will host game-show style games during the transition between first and second hour.
  • Looking for: a lively and fun personality (student or adult) who can interact and engage an audience during this busy time. This is a great option for someone who is considering joining the Bethel Kids stage team.
  • Commitment: 10:45-11:00, twice a month

Understudy Team

  • a support team that is willing to step in as-needed when a scheduled volunteer can’t make it
  • Looking for: adults who are flexible and willing to be called at the last minute!
  • Commitment: “on-call” status as often as willing

Team Leaders

  • a leadership team that is responsible leading and coordinating a small group of volunteers.
  • Looking for: adults who are willing to take on a leadership role in Bethel Kids, coordinate volunteers and relay needs to the children’s ministry director.
  • Commitment: monthly meeting with children’s ministry director, weekly check-in with volunteer team


  • A leader who will work alongside the children’s ministry director on Sunday morning, helping to meet volunteer needs and interact with families.
  • Looking for: an adult who is willing to take on a leadership role in Bethel Kids on Sunday mornings, is gifted at problem-solving and thrives in a fast pace environment.
  • Commitment: one Sunday morning, twice a month. Meeting with children’s ministry director twice a month.

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