B.E.E. in Egypt – Update 2

Our first two days in Cairo were excellent! We had the opportunity to spend time with the key leader of B.E.E. World – Egypt. He and his wife are a delightful couple and already have several consistent groups that are thriving in the area. They are currently woking on raising up new leaders to new groups in other areas.

We are concluding our second leg in Alexandria tomorrow. For the past 4 days we have been here facilitating the BEE course, “Following the Master,” which is a walk through the gospel of Mark. The class has 9 men and 4 women all very eager to learn and to lead others.

We leave our conference center at 4:30am tomorrow and head to Beirut. Pray for our safety as we travel and for the students of the class we’re teaching there to have ready hearts.

Paul is still struggling with ear/sinus infection. He started an antibiotic, but is still not feeling well. He was in bed most of the day today. Please pray for God to heal his body and give him strength.

Thank you for remembering us in your prayers,