A Fight Worth Winning


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Whether you are trying to prevent pornography addiction or deal with a deep seated issue, God cares about you & is at work in your life, even as you’re reading this!

Pornography is a sin…

Pornography is a sin which keeps someone from having a full and loving relationship with God and others. It’s dangerous because it’s deceptive and destructive. It ultimately harms all involved in some way because it…

Goes against God's loving guidance, and grieves Him
Decreases the value of the opposite sex
Is a false substitute for intimacy, & decreases sexual satisfaction
Foster's guilt and dishonesty over hiding something

In dealing with pornography, the main goal isn’t reducing or eliminating pornography in someone’s life. Instead, it’s knowing that what God offers is better than pornography and gives true fulfillment in life. It’s also seeking His help in making positive changes for everyone’s good.

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Steps to Claim Victory

  • Thank God that he loves you enough to show you these things, and that he Has answers and help, plus plans and blessing for you. (Jeremiah 29:11 and John 10:10)
    If pornography’s an issue with you, confess it to God, and ask for His help and guidance.
  • Look through the game changer resource page.
    These are great ways to help you or someone you love.
  • Team up – For good success, you need another man that God uses in your life. He can help with honest confession, an accountability plan, prayer, etc. This is of great help where ever you’re at with this issue (even if it’s not a problem yet.)


These People Can Help you Fight the Battle

Matt Magill mpmagill@gmail.com
Luke Yarbrough lyarbrough3@gmail.com
Linda (WOMEN only) Lindatanner941@gmail.com

Please know…

…while any sin is harmful and is a concern to God, he does love you and will always welcome anyone who makes a sincere confession and seeks his help and guidance.