What We Believe

Bethel Vision Statement

  • Growing Communities

    God’s Word says we are designed for community. At Bethel, we are not about gathering crowds, but instead, we are about creating opportunities for people to be known and to know others. We do this through Sunday morning worship services, Life Groups, and serving in the local community together.

  • Building Leaders

    Bethel is committed to helping believers identify God’s plan for their lives, so they can influence their daily environments for God’s glory. Our desire is to equip men and women to encourage and exhort others by example. We provide opportunities to grow by serving in the Church and local community, hosting equipping classes and through short-term missions.

  • Living Generously

    We desire to be characterized by and known in the community as a group of people who give their lives away — living life for the benefit of others, instead of for ourselves. God has supplied us with every good and perfect thing, so we can joyfully give our time, treasure, and talent to others.

By God’s grace and for His glory, Bethel believes God has called Bethel Bible Church to become a community of several thousand members devoted to worshipping Him, becoming Christ-like disciples and affecting the world through outreach.

Bethel is committed to becoming a leading center in East Texas for Christian discipleship, leadership development and advanced Biblical education.

Bethel is committed to influencing the world through missions outreach, and expects every member’s involvement in community outreach, short-term or full- time missions. To best fulfill this purpose, Bethel’s intention is to be debt free and to dedicate a minimum of 15% of its total resources to missions outreach.

8 Essential Doctrines

While our pastors, teachers and elders affirm their substantial agreement with the full doctrinal statement, members need only agree with these eight essentials:

1. The authority and inerrancy of Scripture
2. The Trinity
3. The full deity and humanity of Jesus Christ
4. The spiritual lostness of all humanity and need for regeneration
5. The substitutionary atoning death and bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ
6. Salvation by grace alone, by faith alone in Christ alone
7. The indwelling by the Holy Spirit of every Christian at new birth
8. The physical return of Jesus Christ in glory, followed by His reign on earth.


These documents govern the way Bethel Bible Church operates and includes the full belief statement, selection process and responsibilities for leadership and responsibilities and privileges of members. While there is no doubt that Jesus is the head and governs this church, these documents are required to satisfy requirements of Texas non-profit law and IRS guidelines

The congregation approved the new documents August 3rd, 2015.

BBC governance 2015-08-03