Update on Van Relief Efforts


We recently received a message from the wife of the Van ISD Superintendent regarding current needs in their community.

Just wanted to update you guys on specific needs beginning to arise from the chaos!

The community is asking for diapers, formula, and toiletries. The school is collecting teacher and student supplies for elementary, and since the elementary library was destroyed, they need books for pre-k – 1st. School will resume Monday (May 18th) for 4th grade through High school, but a waiver has been submitted to dismiss school for pre-k through 3rd since they have no facilities!

Childcare will be a need for all the working parents. If anyone wants to give cash donations to the school, checks can be mailed to the administration’s mailing address:

Van ISD.
PO Box 697
Van, TX 75790.

If you want the money to be used for a specific purpose please indicate in the memo line.

These are just a few specifics I wanted to share if you need them. Please continue to pray for our town and residents. The Foundry provided coffee to night shift security and volunteers last night which is awesome. Thank you for your concern and prayers!

There is a team from Bethel headed out to Van this week with the first load of supplies. Check out the first post with details on how you can get involved as well as contact info for the team leaders!