Sierra Leone Trip Update, 3/1

It seems the closure to yesterday’s email made the Tyler hotline, so we are choosing to clarify the status via a blog post.  Sarah was, indeed, bitten by a mangy mutt.  However, her quick wit and cat-like responses allowed her to escape the sinewy jaws of the raging beast.  (Retraction:  A small dog bit Sarah.  She pulled her leg away quickly.  The bite did not pierce the skin.)  Truly, the dog’s assault of Sarah was a fitting ending to a difficult day.  She carries on, unscathed by the experience.

Today was all about the boys.  They taught the B.E.E. Course, working through Galatians.  Nick, Lee, and Jeff commanded a presence; but most of all, they LOVED listening to Pastor Conteh.  Nick said he loved Peter’s fervor from the pulpit and his sound doctrine.  God used this to encourage the men that He placed the right person in the perfect place to lead the people of Molambay.

Our day continued with a meeting with Restore Hope (hearing about their work), playing with the most wonderful children outside of the Molambay church, listening to Fatamata share her story of the war and loosing her husband, her parents, and her children, perusing the market for needless whatnots, meeting with Gwen (a woman working alongside the government to improve education, and finally to dinner at Country Lodge, which has a breathtaking, scenic view of the entire city.

Ramatu came to say goodbye.  She just left our room where we enjoyed one more moment of sisterhood and comradery.  Now, we will pack and prepare for tomorrow’s departure.   Although bits of the trip have been difficult, we are preparing for the most difficult portion – goodbyes.  God knit each of our hearts to our sisters and brothers here in Sierra Leone.  Departure will be hard.

Please, pray for safe travel and continued wellness.  Pray for peace between our brothers as they work through church business.  Pray for provision for spiritual and physical heath and nourishment.  Both are needed.  Thank be to our Lord for the provision He has already granted.  Praise to him for the churches and people in Molambay, who have already committed themselves