Sierra Leone stage one

By Gods grace we made it safe and sound in Sierra Leone We left Thursday morning at 7am headed for DFW to catch our 11am flight. After a brief turnaround trying to find the “parking spot,” (seriously, its a real parking lot, Zach found it in maps and we left the car there) we made it to the airport.

No real hiccups getting through security. Matt and Nick had to remove their belts and get rescanned, Zachs bag got searched and they confiscated his illegal toothpaste. No big deal, we made it to our gate and grabbed some Burger King for breakfast and boarded the plane for DC!

The flight was pretty bumpy due to the crazy weather system that moved through, but God had us in His hand and we made it safe-and-sound, ready for a little exercise?
We found out that it would take us 12 mins to walk the terminal… so we did it in 10. Booyah… and found an awesome sandwich shop.
The trip from DC to Brussels left at 5 and we were all pretty excited about the in-flight-entertainment. Each seat had a touch screen with games, current movies, music, and even a GPS with flight data! The best part may have been that there was also a USB port for phone charging. Awesome. The flight was long (almost 8hrs) but we had our fill of free entertainment.


We flew through the night and landed in Belgium around 7am. It was cold and rainy but we were excited to be off the plane! We walked around some and experienced REAL Belgium waffles, and then waited for our next flight.

The next flight was about 9hrs total and took us to Dakar and then into Sierra Leone. Another long flight filled with in flight movies and unfamiliar airplane food.

We finally landed in Sierra Leone, made it through customs, and met up with Henry. We were all so glad to be off the airplane that we barely noticed how bad as all needed a shower, but the travel wasn’t over yet. Next we board the hover craft that will take us over into Freetown. The ride was about 45mins but was the last leg in our journey to Africa. From there we checked into the hotel, had dinner, and got some much needed sleep to prepare us for the week to come.