Sierra Leone Scholarship Student Joseph Koroma’s Testimony

“As student ready to gain entrance into university, I owe it all to God’s grace and Bethel Bible Church.   I lost my father just after entry secondary school. My mother who was supposed to have helped me continue my schooling was affected with madness.  Eventually the money and properties left by my late father has to be used in order to heal my mad mother. All that I should have use to be educated got finish and there comes the end of my education.  All other family give no attention to me and I was wondering I will life treat in the future?  I was in this frustration when the chance of enrolling me in the GEM scholarship came my way. Here I came to understand deeper things on the word of God. As we are normally called together to study Gods word every Saturday I now persistence pray and the Lord answer me. I thank God for the scholarship venture through which I have completed my High School education and trusting God for my post High School Education.

I want to thank the Bethel Bible Church for providing me this opportunity through the Grace of God to have acquired prepared education for the future. I also want also thank the GEM Ministry for linking me with Bethel Bible Church , I will always remember you in my prayer.” – Joseph Koroma

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